Moisture-wicking bags featuring patented Absorbits™ material to keep your firearms and ammo safe, dry, and rust-free.

Unlike any other bags or carrying cases for firearms and ammo in the world, our BONE-DRI™ bags feature patented Absorbits™ material in order to remove moisture from your prized possessions in order to keep them safe, dry, and rust-free.

Absorbits™ advanced material is patented, tested, and proven. It is comprised of encapsulated desiccant in moisture-wicking nylon and works on the same principle as commercial dehumidifiers, but without the need for electricity. Hence our slogan, "Goes in Wet, Comes Out Dry."

BONE-DRI™ bags use the best materials that can be sourced globally and are guaranteed for life.

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Bone-Dri Shotgun & Rifle Case

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Bone-Dri Shotgun Sleeve

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Bone-Dri Dual Rifle Rust Prevention Case