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Parcel turned up today Good turnaround time

Thanks you guys are great like people have told me over here

Will recommend you to everyone at gun club

  • Ray Toohey
  • Dan,
    Just a note of thanks for exceptionally quick service with my order (speedloaders, double case and a small vault). I placed my order rather late on Friday night and all my items were in my post box Monday morning out here in the Four Corners.
    That's some mighty fine service!I have been recommending you to all my shooting friends.
    Thanks again,
    All the best.
    Sent from Chef Michael's Windows Phone
  • Dan,  
    Received my package today.  Thanks for the prompt replies to my inquiries and getting my speed loaders to me so quickly.  Excellent customer service, I won't hesitate to recommend your business to other shooters.
  • I just received the Lula Loader for my .308. It works great and I appreciate your excellent service. 
    Thank you,
  • Steve Carrothers (4/9/2016)

    Hi Dan, my name is Jack Hendrickson and I recently bought a UpLULA universal pistol magazine loader from you.  What a pleasure to get something that delivers exactly what it is supposed to!  I am getting on a bit, and have arthritis in both my hands and in more joints than I care to count.  My carry gun is a Witness in 10mm.  It has a 15 round double stack magazine, and one of the strongest springs I've ever run into.  I've never loaded over 14 rounds, but it was really getting tough to get the last 3 or 4 in there.  The mag loader was easy to use, and being able to push down with my closed fist instead of my thumb did the trick!  Thanks again, and double thanks for the free shipping!  Living in Alaska means extra shipping charges from almost everyone.  I will be showing off the loader and telling everyone where I got it!  jack     (2/22/2016)
  • Thanks Dan the speed loader I bought from you made it in time for my daughters birthday. I will tell everyone I know that your site is great, and reliable. 
    Thanks Steve G. (2/11/16)
  • Thank you for the quick no-hassle response, it's been a pleasure doing business with you.
    Carroll (2/1/2016)
  • Many thanks Dan.  Classic American customer service. ) speaking as a transplanted Brit)
  • Hi Dan,
    Just wanted to let you know I received the Uplula.
    Great product!!!
    Thanks,, Martin (1/28/2-16)
  • Hi Dan,
    Couldn’t find a feedback link on your website to recommend your company or product or I would have.
    Will recommend you to my friends. Martin (1/27/2016)
  • Thanks again Dan.
    It's nice to be able to talk to a human. Nice doing business with you. Gary (1/5/2016)
  • I just received your speedloader -WOW!  Works as shown - easy- wish I'd have ordered sooner. thank you
    Jim K  (10/29/15)
  • Dan:
    Shipment arrived today in great order.  You can expect more orders in the future!
    Ross  (10/23/2015)

  • I received my order today.  Thank you, the products  work wonderfully.

                        Carlton B  (8/13/2015)

  • Hi Dan.

     Thank you for your service with this order. It arrived OK

    I will keep you in mind when I require anything else.

    Regards and thank you. Brian S  (8/12/2015)

  • Thank You Sir! I received them yesterday. I been wanting a set for about two years now for Home defense.
    Joseph E. S Sr. (1/21/15)
  • Dan! Thank you so much, and I have received the order and am very pleased with the speed loaders. Thanks again.  Jeff (1/15/15)
  • Hi Dan,
    I have received everything.  Thanks for taking the time to confirm the items on the parcel for customs.  I  appreciate your clarity for the item descriptions.

    Again, many thanks for the great service. Kelly (11/27/2014)
  • Thank you!  Package arrived today, Wednesday!  You are Fast!!!  Thanks, Butch (10/08/2014)
  • Fantastic, thanks very much for your quality service,  Grant (9/19/14)
  • Good day Dan
    Thank you I have now received the M1A / M14 LULA™ – 7.62 x 51mm / .308 Win mag loader.
    My thumbs will be less painful now, after a day at the range, this really works, thanks  again.
    Regards Carl W. (9/3/2014)
  • Gday. Just letting you know my order has arrived safely and I am very happy with the whole shopping process with you. Much appreciated. I have already recommended you to friends and other shooters at my club. Thanks again. Ian (5/21/2014, Ian is one of our valued Aussie Customers)    
  • Received item today in perfect condition. Just what I was looking for. Works beautifully. It was a pleasure to do business with you and hope to do so in the future. Thanks again for all your help.
    John D.  
  • Received my order yesterday, loaded up a Magpul .308 magazine, unloaded the magazine, reloaded the magazine and stored it in my safe. The Maglula loaders are a great product. Congratulations on being the only vendor with the new .308 loader. I now have three Maglula loaders and am very satisfied with each one.
     Appreciate the prompt service for a great product.       Cecil R    (1/24/2014)
  • Good Afternoon Dan,   My SR25/DPMS Lula loader for 7.62/.308 arrived today, it was shipped the next day after I ordered it.  Not only were you the only online location ( searched all the Big Boys that I buy my reloading supplies from ) that I could find it, but the service was outstanding!!!  Just wanted to say thanks and I will recommend you to anyone that wants to know where I purchased it from.

  •  David C  (1/13/2014)

     PS.  You can put this in your reviews if you want just as it appears above, and thanks again!

  • Dan,
    Received the .308 Lula today.
    Outstanding, if it weren't so dam cold I would  head to the range.
  • Good Morning Dan,
    I recently ordered (2Jan14)the 7.62/.308 DPMS LULA and
    I am waiting with great anticipation.
    I do already have the 5.56 Lula and the Uplula.
    And they are the most useful tool I've used for rapid
    reloading of every magazine I own. also, just noticed the uplula alignment
    adapter for 1911 mags, that will be on my next order in the near future.
    Thank You,
    Daniel G (1/3/2014)
  • Hey Dan,

    By the way thanks for your awesome service with my last 2 purchases.


    Joel  (1/2/14)

  • Got it (a Black 9mm 10mm .357 40 45 UPLULA Loader with Unloader) yesterday and wanted to let you know that it loads the 9 mm Shield, no problem. In addition it loads my Kahr CM 9 mags, Glock 27 (which is really hard with Wolff springs) and Glock 35.

     Thanks, Bill  (12/29/2013)

  • Received the re-loader today.  It is great!  Thanks for the quick delivery and excellent service.  K (12/03/13)

  • Got the DPMS/SR25 Maglula.  Works Great!! Thanks.
    Erich  (12/03/13)
  • Dan
    The Baby Uplula worked great. I had some of the other gun club members try it and all were impressed. I gave the Lula to my son who has a .45 and he said to tell you thanks. I have given your products and service an excellent review and listed your company on our vender list. (11/22/13)
  • Thanks again Dan - I actually received my maglula today.  Works great.
    Jim    (11/22/13)
  • Dan,
    I received the speed loader for my mini-14 two days ago. As always very fast shipping. I did not get the receipt in my email though. I was pretty sure you said it would be sent to my email Correct me if I'm wrong. Maybe there was a confusion on my email address so I thought I would touch base with you. Thank You for the fast service and again the Great products you put out. I share your web site with many.
    Dave (11/16/2013)
  • Dan,
          No worries on the delay as I did recieve them yesterday afternoon. Of course, the speedloaders work flawlessly and I do appreciate the quick response on  your part. Thanks again and I do hope you had a fun and relaxing vacation.
    Thanks again,
                   Josh   (9/27/13)
  • Hi Dan,

     Just a quick note to advise that the Range Bag arrived here last week while I was in Singapore

     It was a nice surprise to find it here waiting for me upon my return on the weekend

     Yet again sir – excellent service, great communication and top notch products

     All I can do is to genuinely say ‘Thank you”

     Kind regards, Cary M.L   (8/13/2013)

  • I was delighted to find this loader on your web site and I have bookmarked your web site for future reference, since I was able to purchase the correct magazine loader for my Sig magazines. As with cleaning supplies, I have found that it is better to work with merchants, like yourself, that specialize in niche areas of the  business.  I will be sure to  recommend your web site to others and I am considering buying the range bag on your site now that I have two pistols and supplies. There is no substitute for dealing with smaller specialized merchants who know their business!!  My sore thumb and I thank you and I look forward to receiving this loader. 

  • Thanks,
    James M.
  • Hi Dan
    Received the speed loader you exchanged for me. It works perfectly to load the Kimber 22lr magazines. Thank you again. It was a pleasure doing business and I will be singing your praises to the shooting community.
    Kevin       (4/8/2013)
  • I have received my order and I have loaded the clip more than 100 times IT WORKS GREAT for my 9mm Beretta Nano.  THANKS

  •  Jim O.        (4/4/2013)

  • Where can I post a good word for others to see and be encouraged to order from you guys.  I am very happy with my speed loader.  James H    (3/31/2013) 
  • Dan,
    Got them in the mail yesterday, fit like a dream, works great. Guess I didn't understand that it was a two-pack, and MAGLULA didn't do too good of a job stating that either, on their website. Now, I'll have to go buy another MagLULA to put the spare one on - LOL! AFAIC, that little tool is the best money I ever spent for reloading clips with - the guy who invented it is a genius!
    Mike Irick     (3/26/2013)
  • Dan,
    I received my item in the mail today. Thank you for your effort and concern.
     Kurt     (03/13/2013)
  • My name is Fred and I recently placed a order for a speed-loader from
    your website a week or two ago. The reason for this email is to tell you your company
    was the best, the BEST I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with. The order placement
    was easy, followed by a confirmation email to me. The next was the arrival of the
     merchandise itself in a very short time (three or four days I think). I order a lot of
     merchandise over the Internet and my experience with your company was
     truly a pleasure. I felt compelled to send a email and congratulate you and your company for a job well done. I've told all my friends and four different shooting ranges I go to all about you and your service, I told them all they would be fools if not to order from your Company, thanks again...
     Satisfied Customer for life,
    Fred T  (03/11/2013)
  • Hey Dan,

     Just got speed loader & it works great, keep working on one for Ruger 10/22 – Thanks

     Bob F (3/7/2013)

  • Received my Comp III speed-loaders and belt holders today. Less than a week fro order to receipt. Nice work. I will definitely be doing business with you again
    Many Thanx
    Tom (Caesar) B
  • By the way you were the only people who seemed to know what loaders would work with a Ruger security six!!    (3/4/2013)
  •  Daniel,
         Thank you for all the cool stuff I ordered from you. Got here awhile back and meant to get to you sooner. Thanks again and hope all is well in Texas.
    Barry Smith 
  • Dan
    I ordered from you on Monday and the package was in my mailbox
    when I arrived home on Wednesday.
    Great service like this makes it a pleasure doing business with you.
    You can bet next time that I need something, I will come to you FIRST.
    I am posting your business card right next to my computer.
    Thanks, again - I really appreciate the excellent service!!!!!
    Dan H  (2/27/2013)
  • Hi Dan,

    Dropping you a note to tell you how impressed I am with you and your operation.  I received the UpLULA Mag loader I ordered Friday on Saturday!  What great service!  I will be referring you and your company to all my friends and family!

    Thanks again,
    B Morrison

  • I just wanted to thank you for great service and great products. I got home today and the little brown box from Texas was waiting for me. Fast arrival!! I had never used a magazine loader other than my fat right thumb and they are just amazing. Thanks for getting me on range this Saturday with one less sore thumb. I will be ordering more from your company. By the way it was great speaking with you today and it is sure nice to know that there are others like us out there who still believe in the United States Constitution. Those Founding Fathers must have been some pretty smart guys to be able to read 235 plus years down the road. Have a great weekend and thank you again.

  • Hi Daniel,I wanted to let you know that the speed loader you shipped on the 17th arrived two days later. It works great and I am very happy with the purchase. The one you shipped on the 5th never has arrived. If it ever shows up I will return it to you. Thanks again for your excellent customer service.


    M Barron  (1/25/13)

  • Hi Dan,
    All done and thanks,with a bit of help (well maybe a lot of help !!) from
    yourself I got there in the end.It is always a good feeling to meet nice
    folk even if it is at the end of a telephone line. Sorry to take up your
    Take care,
    Dave. (12/12/12)
  • Dan, I just got my speed loader today and it worked flawlessly.  I recently got an ultra high capacity magazine for my glock and was having a hard time getting it loaded. It worked so well that I did it twice to see how easy it was. I will let my friends know how great they are.  Thanks again.
    Tom P (12/08/12)
  • Chambersburg, Pa.
  • Hi Dan
    Just wanted you to know that I did receive my order from you and couldn't be more happy with the speed loader. I'm sure my fellow retired LEO shooting friends will want one.  Thanks again.
    Ken Slee
    Agoura Hills, CA (11/6/12)
  • Got a call from the missus to say my speed loaders had arrived…5 more days working here in the middle of the South Australian desert and I’ll be home to try them out…Thanks heaps guys for such professional service to a guy so far away

    John R (10/17/12)

  • They arrived today! Excellent service, I look forward to doing business with you again...

    Brian  (8/29/2012)

  • Got'em today.  We appreciate the fast service.  Can't wait to try it tonight!   Jack  (8/22/2012)
  • We were out of town with a family emergency when my order came for 4 Safari
    style speed loaders. Upon inspection only 3 of the loaders would function. After
    a call to Dan and some suggestions to help out with the speed loader that
    appeared to malfunction. We could not make the other loader work. Two days later
    another loader was received in the mail. It is refreshing to do business with an
    American Company intent on providing such exceptional service to a customer. I
    would highly recommend doing business with this man and his company.
    Dan Thank you very much.
    TOM (8/9/2012)
  • Hello Dan.
    I have received the speedloaders today.
    Very appreciated.
    Thank you very much.
    Kind regards.
    Will (7/13/2012)
  • Hi,
    I just received the speed loader for colt Python that I ordered. That's perfect !!! You are a really professional company !!! I like it. I will order you other items again soon.
    Thank you very much !!!
    (Our friend Francois is in France 5/30/12)
  • Hi Dan.
    I just received my speed loader order. They work great.
    Thanks for getting them out to me so fast.
    Richard Preston - Satisfied customer (4/27/12)
  • Dan Sell,
     Thank you for the prompt processing of my web order. I received the items this morning via USPS.  I recently retired from law enforcement and downsized my weapon from a Glock Model 27 to a S&W Model 637.  Those revolvers are easy to find, however the speedloaders and accessories are hard to find at local Police Supply Retailers. One of my fellow retirees also recently purchased a S&W 5 shot revolver and I referred him to your company for his speedloaders and accessories.
    Thank You,
    Steven Daniel,  (4/23/2012)
    Received order in good shape and much faster than I imagined! Thank you for the efficient service. Keep up the good work!
    Jim K
    Memphis, TN   
  • Hi Dan.. Just wanted to let you know I received my order today.  All looks good
    and it's exactly what I wanted.  Hope to deal with you in the future.
    Thanks again.
    Jim B    (4/4/2012)
  • Sir: Thanks. I placed an order last Saturday for a LULA Uzi speed loader and today it is here, by snail mail. Holy crap! The item works smoother than butter. Greatest thing going for these old beat up hands. Again thanks for the great service.   P G Smith   (2/1/2012)
  • Dan,
    > Received my order this morning. Thank you for your prompt service. Just
    > wanted to say it is a pleasure dealing with you and hope to continue in the
    > future.
    > Thanks again,
    > Jerry  (1/28/2012)
  • Dan:  Thanks for the great service.  Everything got here fine and looks to be
    just the ticket.  Next time I am in the market for this type of product, you
    will be the one I call!
    Mark (Jan.23,2012)
  • Thank you Daniel . . .I will use your company again if I need anything.
     S Payne (Jan. 10, 2012)
  • Dan, Terry received his Range bag today and is very, very happy with it. 

    Thank you for the very, very quick and excellent service..........AGAIN.
    Thank you.
    Judeen (12/9/2011)
  • Hi Daniel

     I received my speed loaders and have already used them in our last competition of the year.

     Thanks and regards

    Johan (South Africa, 12/6/2011)
  • Hi Dan,
    Got my order in the mail today!  Awesome product!  I'll be ordering another.
    Thanks very much! Great doing business with you.
    Scott   (11/16/2011 - Scott purchased the 9mm-45 UPLULA Speed Loader, shipped to Canada)
  • thank you for fast prompt  delivery to Australia & it works good .
    >  Kind Regards,
    > Gary Smith.   (10/18/2011)
  • Dan,
    I just received my UpLULA today.  I purchased it for my Sig SP 2022 9mm and it
    works flawlessly.  Thank you for processing my order so quickly.
    Jeff in Alabama  (10/7/2011)
  • Daniel......Thanks for the fast ship on the UPLULA For 9MM. Looking
    forward to the 22UPLULA when it hits the market.
  • Thank you for the super fast shipping and great service. I will deffinately order from you again.
     Thank you.
     Todd M.     9/17/2011
  • Wow! Dan I am a 73 year old woman who has never been able to load a magazine and always had to ask for help.
    I recently purchased the Speedloader and -- all I can say is WOW! I can sign up for the classes I want to now and will not have to ask anyone to load my clips for me. I wanted to take my Beretta 380 to and advanced self-defense class, but didn't go because I knew I would be an imposition to anyone having to help me reload.
    This little gadget makes it painless and so easy.
    Thank you.
    (Note from Dan, WOW! This customer made my day and is referring our BABY UPLULA Magazine Speed Loader - Sept 3, 2011)
  • Dan,
    Thank you. The speedloader is here. It arrived this morning.  That was
    fast, wasn't it?
    Lanie S. J (8/24/2004)
  • Hello Dan
    Just a note to let you know that I have received your parcel. Thank you very
    much, and I will pass on your details to other shooters within our club.
    All the best
    Graham  (8/18/2011)
  • Dan,
    Thanks for such a quick turnaround on the speedloader. Jinx loves
    them!! They are better than any other speedloader she has tried for
    her Taurus 605.
    You guys rock!!   (8/9/2011)
  • Hi,
     I had recently ordered a J-frame Safariland Comp-1 speedloader from you. I liked the loader and your prices and quick shipping so much that I ordered another one. I received the second one just as quickly as the first. These are fabulous loaders once the revolver’s stock grip is modified. I appreciate your excellent price and the free shipping. Should I ever have other needs relating to speed loaders, either revolvers or pistols, you’ll be the first place I check.
     Thanks again.
    Steve (Aug. 3, 2011)
  • Hi Dan,
    Got my speedloader today. Great service. Fast delivery, and what a speed loader. That was so much nicer loading clips and not having numb fingers after a couple clips. Three guys where at the range this morning and your probably going to be getting some more orders from them.
    Thanks Dan for the great sure have my business from now on.     Bill Beaver
  • G'day Dan,
    Have paid the postage extra. (to Australia)
    Thanks for the personalized service. It's appreciated.
    Regards Alec
  • Hi Dan,
    Received the goods, I must say excellent service, will mention to other
    Aussie shooters your great service.
    Best regards
    Ian B 5/13/2011
  • Hello Dan, I just wanted to let you know that I did receive my up lula speed loader yesterday.  I wanted to pass on to anyone who is considering using you in the future that my experience with Dan and his company was one of the best experiences I've had in years.  I bought my item on April 5, 2011 at 10:35 am and received it on April 7th 2011 by l pm.  If anyone ever bought anything on ebay you know nothing comes quick even if you pay extra for shipping.  Again THANK YOU Dan for great customer service, the world needs more people like you in business.  Please pass my comments on to your future buyers.  Thanks again and hope you have a great day because you made mine.  Bob  R,  Broomfield, Colorado (NOTE: This customer requested Priority Mail Shipping) 
  • Daniel:

    Just thought I would drop you a note to tell you that the UpLula Speed Loader (UP60B) works well with the Bersa Thunder .380 HIGH CAPACITY magazine. This double-stack magazine is wide enough to be accommodated by the speed loader. You can recommend it as an optimal fit.

  • Tom S    3/22/11

  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your quick and responsive reply to my order.  I can tell anyone out there that the Lula loader for the Colt SMG works perfectly for my Colt AR15 9MM  model 6450 carbine.  The loader works great for the 20 and 32 high capacity mags..  I can load a high capacity magazine in less than 40 seconds taking my time. This loader is the best.

  • Thanks  Arnold T  - Satisfied customer, Marysville, OH
  • Just received my UpLULA speedloader.  After searching for a good
    speedloader for my Beretta 9000S I found the UpLULA to be terrific.
    Thanks for your product.
    Topsham, Maine
  • I contacted you back in July letting you know how satisfied I was with your speedloader that I purchased for my 40 Glock.  I still am just as thrilled today and have recommended them to many other people since my purchase!        

           Brandon S    Feb. 22, 2011    

  • Thanks Dan. Appreciate the great support.

     Scott S (Jan. 26 2011)

  • Hello Dan,
    (Referring to UPLULA for 9mm - 45 Cal. Jan 7, 2011)
  • I received the safari comp II yesterday and I liked it very

    much, then I am buying another one. Thanks     H Fernandez, New Jersey 12/17/10

  • The last speedloader I bought from you works great. The two

    (2) I'm buying now is one for a back_up and a Christmas present to a co_worker.  W Mancini 12/6/10

  • Dear Dan,
    Loading magazines ranks low on my list of enjoyable activities.
    The Baby UpLULA has turned a negative experience into a
    positive one.  Thanks for a fine product.
    Chris K
    Bowling Green, Ky   (11/18/2010)
  • Thank you for the PPKS speedloader. It was a long wait but worth it.

    P Daly
    Palm coast Fl
    Note: Mr. Daly is referring to the Baby UPLULA which is a new product and became available Nov. 2nd.
    Thank you very much Dan.  You are definitely a gentleman and a good business man. 
  • I hope we can do business in the future.
    Frank 10/26/10
  • Dan, 
    Thank you I received it yesterday (a BABY UPLULA), It works very good.
    Jerry W,  10/16/2010
Hi Dan.
Received the two CH7 (Safariland Comp 1 - 5 Round Loaders) loaders on Monday after ordering them from you on Friday quick service.
You said they might be a little stiff on dropping the rounds in to the revolver, You was right about that.
I sprayed Kroil in them and worked out a lot of the rough out of the inside.
They work fine in my Taurus 85 UL and really smooth now. I really like them
and am pleased with your service.
Thanks Earl W
from Ok Sept. 5, 2010
  •  Dan,
    I just got my UpLULA loader for my FN FNP .45 USG and I am very
    satified with it. The unit works as advertised. You cannot do any
    better than that.
    Thank you,
    John Mordica Jr. 08/16/2010

Hello Mr. Dan Sell,

 I recently purchased one of your UPLULA speed loaders for my .40 Glock magazines. 

 I love this speedloader! 

I received it very quickly and it makes refilling my magazines a breeze!

Brandon S  7/13/2010


 by the way, the Safariland Loaders for the Dan Wesson .357. .38 Special work
>> great!  No returns from here!  We tried them with SNAP rounds and they
>> work
>> as advertised.


Got it today. Thanks Dan !!!

Jimmy   5/12/10

  •  I watched the video on the automatic speed loaders and that is
    what sold me for sure.  If my wife and I can load half as fast as the
    examples in the video we will be very pleased.  We have shot and are
    planning to shoot the PPC course during the next season.  This season ends
    April 28th here in northern Ohio.
    Semper Fi,

    D Smith 4/18/10
  • I'll watch for them next week. Great service. Thanks, again.
    DS   4/10/2010
  • Dan:
    Thank you for my speed loader, delivery was so fast! 
  • I assume my smaller loader will be coming
  • as soon as you receive them?  Thanks for your prompt service.........DCR 3/24/10
  • Daniel,
    Thank you so much for helping us yesterday evening.
    Stay Free,
    Dan and Gabrielle S  3/23/10
  •  I received it today and it works fine. I guess it will "make" me shoot more! :)
             Thank you

M. Grossman 10/18/2009
  • Dan,Got your voice mail late this afternoon (Sunday).  Was going to call you tomorrow but
  • will reply via this email instead.Yes, the speedloaders will be for a Smith & Wesson Model 15 revolver, K-frame.
  • Thanks for your reviewing and catching my omission and trying to contact me so quickly after placing my order
  • (and on a weekend no less!).  Great customer service.  You will be getting my future business.Richard Skolsky 12/13/09
  • Wow Dan,
    thanks for the quick response, and the excellent service,
    Barry  July 26, 2009
  • Received today. Appreciate your promptness on delivery. Thanks.
     Doug P. Jan 21, 2009
  • Just want you to know that we are very happy with our purchase...our
    shipment arrived on time and is just what we were looking for!  This was
    something we had trouble purchasing locally and had been told it was over 4
    wks out if we ordered it.

    Thanks again for a job well done!
  • Thanks Dan- very much appreciated!
  • All I can say is WOW!! That was fast.  Super Fast and everything that I needed. Thanks for great service. 
  • Thank You for the Fast Shipping and Great Service!
    Take care,

  • Awesome Dan,
    Thanks for the great customer service.  I will be back to your store and
    I will advise my fellow Patrolmen of your superior service
  • Dan,
    Thanks for the quick response. I appreciate it and will remember it the
    next time I need to order some law enforcement gear!
    Deputy US Marshal 
  • Dan, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! Your services have been nothing less then
    exceptional.  You have done a great job.  I cannot thank you enough!
  • Thank you very much for your updates on my order.  I will definitely order
    from you again.
    > John W. Jones
  • Below is a copy of the email I sent to Dan. Please thank him on my behalf for
    the service. He is a asset to your business. He know the products and delivers
    them quickly. He handled my order personally on the phone. If you find more like
    him, hire them. I have deal with so many unknowing sales reps over the years
    that Dan is refreshing to say the least!
    > Just a quick thanks for the superior customer service/fast shipping.
  •  Thanks again. You have made me a loyal customer after only one
    > Craig
    > PD 
    that's fine. thanks for the great service!
Thanks Dan for the shipping arrangement you offered.  The speedloader arrived in a few days. 
After a little work on the left grip of my S&W J-frame 442, the speedlosder works real well. 
M. Davis
  • Thanks for the speedy service.  All info is aok. LV
Thank you for your prompt and professional service.  
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