HK 416/ HR/ SA80 Info

Heckler & Koch (H&K) Germany came out with a new "High-Reliability 30-Round Steel Magazine" for use

with AR-15 / M-16 / M-4 / SA-80 type rifles. See picture below.

Our standard M-16 LULA™ loader & unloader fits and works well with this new magazine.


However, since this magazine catch (female) is not a through-hole as in regular NATO USGI M-16 mags.,

for which the LULA™ loader was originally designed, the LULA™ loader may slip away prematurely

from the magazine. This may start happening after loading / unloading several hundred magazines.


Either use the M-16 LULA™ knowing its limits, or use the our latest M-16 / AR-15 M-16 StripLULA

which will load this magazine perfectly for a long time. .

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